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Proposition H (a measure appearing on the San Francisco ballot this November 8th, 2022) is a radical solution in search of a problem. If voters pass Prop H, it will cancel the elections next year, November 2023, moving them to November 2024, for Mayor, District Attorney, Sheriff, City Attorney and Treasurer. This will give officeholders an additional year in office, a year which could result in continued poor policy, negative effects on our already damaged economy, on tourism, and on criminal justice. Proposition H's author and its supporters falsely claim segments of San Francisco's population have been systematically disenfranchised - and by canceling the 2023 elections and aligning future elections with the 2024 and subsequent presidential-year elections, the situation will be rectified. When word first circulated that Prop H had qualified for the November ballot, San Franciscans reacted by overwhelming condemnation - including Mayor London Breed, who characterizes it as a "socialist power grab", in an interview on KCBS. Click here: listen to interview

San Francisco prides itself in administering one of the nations most fair, open and low-barrier elections. This year 2022, we will have more Chinese, Filipino, Latino and lower income voters casting ballots than any year in our history, due to California Governor Newsom's mail-in ballot executive order. Furthermore, we have not heard any complaints of voters being denied a ballot, nor polling stations closed or refusing voters, nor ballots being stolen or damaged or final results being fraudulent. We have no restrictive Voter ID laws, we have universal vote-by-mail (whereby every voter receives their ballot in the mail) to fill out and return their ballot by mail, or in person, or drop off at a ballot box, or vote in person at a polling station or at City Hall. Ballots are available in numerous languages. Again, there have been no complaints of fraud, denied voting or disputed results.

Annual elections are an important San Francisco democratic tradition that increases opportunities for citizens to vote, and in greater numbers than ever. Do we want more democracy? Then we must hold more elections, not less. We must vote NO on Proposition H because it undermines our city's democratic norms.

Prop H's author provides surprisingly little details and justification for why this ballot measure should be approved. With so few details, we must consider this a big red flag, as this often hides impending controversy. We have many questions about the purpose of Prop H, with little to no official answers. Click here > for a copy of the official text of Proposition H as filed with the San Francisco Department of Elections, and see for yourself.

Please read on, why Proposition H's author and supporters' claims are false, exaggerated and must be rejected. Then, on November's Election Day, vote NO on Proposition H.



Why is Prop H Controversial?

Prop H paints a false picture of the reality of voting in San Francisco. The proposition is a collection of the dumbest, nonsensical arguments in favor of cancelling and moving our elections of 2023 to 2024. When there are so many false claims of benefits of Prop H, this is also a red flag; voters are obligated to dig deeper, to root out the true motive for placing such a ridiculous measure on the ballot in the first place.

Extending the term of office for one addition year , for mayor, district attorney, city attorney, sheriff and city treasurer is unfair, "unearned" and officeholders get to serve when "unelected" for that year.

Throughout San Francisco's history, we have condemned attempts by extremists around the world to seize power, exclude diverse voices and suppress the vote. But cancel elections right here? This is truly unprecedented. Failing politicians scheme to extend their grip on power by challenging, nullifying, postponing and cancelling elections. Despots refuse to peacefully transition power. Trump tried this in 2020; we've seen this fiasco before. Corrupt tyrants, terrorist-linked regimes, Vladimir Putin - they all cancel elections. Insurrectionists prevent legitimate elections. We cannot follow in their footsteps.




San Francisco's farthest left-wing official

This proposition was crafted by Dean Preston, self-proclaimed socialist and most radical member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors (our City Council). To be placed on the November ballot, he needed the approval of at least 6 of the 11 board members. The Board of Supervisors method is one manner to have a ballot measure put to voters; the Mayor can place measures on the ballot as well, as can citizen initiatives - when a sufficient number of signatures of registered voters collected and verified, to meet the threshold. Preston and his so-called socialist cohorts continuously seek advantage for getting their preferred candidates elected to office. This measure is one of those attempts.



San Francisco's radical, failed politicians and activists

The Department of Elections makes available copies of the supporters' written statements in favor of passing Proposition H. Click here for a copy of the 9 supporters' group statements: here . When reading through, it quickly becomes evident they are nonsensical, vague, and highly questionable. Note, they are written by the same elected officials and political action/community groups which recently opposed the recall of three SFUSD school board commissioners (February 2022) and the recall of district attorney Chesa Boudin (June 2022). These supporters also sought to severely restrict future recalls by way of Proposition C (June 2022) rejected by voters in a landslide. They also attempted to lower the voting age to 16 yrs old by Proposition G (November 2020) which also failed. They use a false narrative, painting the San Francisco voting process is a racist, exclusionary, sexist experience. These 9 groups, with their leadership signing on each statement's bottom, represent San Francisco's most radical, left-wing activists today.

Supporters wrongly claim the need to move the elections for mayor, district attorney, sheriff, city attorney and city treasurer to the same election/year as presidential elections for 2024 and every four years following. They falsely claim that in the current state, our city's voting system is racist, sexist as unfair to LGBTQ+, to Latino and Asian voters, to women, to families and more. They further explain that moving the elections from odd-years to even-years (aligned with the US Presidential election years) will increase turnout, because these groups aren't able to vote in odd-year elections. This claim is inherently racist, sexist, and implies the inability for those voting groups to vote. Are those groups being blocked? Denied the right or ability to complete a ballot or deliver them to be counted? This cannot be further from the truth.

Over and over, these aforementioned radical groups which author and support controversial ballot measures such as Proposition H claim an underserved, victimized voting group -and where we need to address their victimhood to boost their numbers. In reality, time and time again, these groups put forth ridiculous ballot measures and field stupid, unfit, unqualified candidates for office. San Francisco's voters see this and we vote accordingly.



What happens if Proposition H passes




- Supporters claim moving the elections from 2023 to 2024 "Saves the City neary $7,000,000 " in administrative fees. But any potential savings from a move simply shifts to administer the 2024 election, erasing such savings in the long run.

- Supporters claim "Consolidating elections in 2024 and every 4 years going forward, held on even years rather than odd years is better for Democracy". But cancelling an election in general removes opportunities to vote, which in fact reduces democracy by limiting voting opportunities and ultimately disenfranchises voters.

- We have already experienced elections when a thick packet containing numerous ballot cards/pages arrives at our home for our completion and return to the Department of Elections. It's often frustrating, and voters often skip questions and ignore races unfamiliar to them. Shifting elections to even-years consolidated with presidential race will result in massively thick ballots arriving by mail, stuffed with state and local ballot measures, candidates for office and many ranked choice voting cards. Imagine the voter overload!

- Voters wishing to support candidates and causes financially on a yearly basis will have to instead ration their contributions if elections are consolidated into one year, dividing up donation allotments between several candidates/causes all at once, rather than having separate year elections as we have now. Donors with a limited budget then limits the amount of cash donations to campaigns.

- Supporters allege that San Francisco's current voting in odd-years, non-presidential elections apparently suppresses the vote. This nonsense actually asserts voters of certain groups (Asian, Black, Women, LGBTQ+ etc) are unable to meaningfully vote in odd-year elections, or don't understand how to vote in odd-years. More likely, these groups of voters haven't been voting the way Proposition H supporters want them to vote.



Contact for No on Prop H

Richie Greenberg, Official Opponent

Richie Greenberg on Twitter @richieSF2016 @richieSF2016