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Lessons for the Nation
from San Francisco

Homelessness, drug addiction, lax law enforcement and corruption are destroying San Francisco. This is a tragedy, a crisis and a national embarrassment.

It has become abundantly clear that San Francisco's politicians and their absurd and ideology-based policies regarding homelessness, drug addiction, mental illness, crime and drug dealing have pushed our city to the brink, attracting the attention of national media. We truly cannot reach any goal of meaningful, positive change without the support of each and every one of you to reverse this tragic crisis.


Greenberg Weighs In

Richie Greenberg is a long-time San Francisco resident, political commentator and former candidate for mayor. Richie entered the political arena in 2016, focusing on quality of life issues, crime, government corruption, the homelessness crisis. He's an independent voice weighing in on San Francisco's politics, featured extensively in interviews with local and national radio, TV and print media networks.


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Political Activism

2022 SF PROP H NOVEMBER 2022 Richie Greenberg is the official Opponent to San Francisco ballot measure H, which if voters pass, would cancel elections in 2023 and move key races to 2024.


2021-2022 CHESA BOUDIN RECALL: Richie Greenberg is the founder and committee spokesman of the recall of San Francisco district attorney Chesa Boudin, successfully recalled by voters on June 7th, 2022. Voters rejected Boudin and his extremist, non-accountability position.


2022 GEORGE GASCON RECALL: Following the success of Chesa Boudin's recall, Richie Greenberg has joined the fight and is lending his voice to the effort in Los Angeles to recall district attorney George Gascon. The majority of reasons for which Chesa Boudin was removed hold true for Gascon as well; indeed Gascon was the predecessor to Boudin in San Francisco, and both have implemented extreme policies proven detrimental and deadly in their respective cities. Visit RecallDAGeorgeGascon.com for more information.


2022 SF Proposition A: MUNI Bond opposition Stance opposed to bond measure, activism succeeded and measure was rejected by voters.


2022 SF Proposition C: Restriction on Future Recalls Stance opposed to bond measure, activism succeeded, measure was rejected by voters.


2020 SF Proposition G: Lower Voting Age to 16 Stance opposed to bond measure, activism succeeded, measure was rejected by voters.


2018 SF Proposition D: Tax on Cannabis Stance opposed to bond measure, activism fell short, measure was approved by voters. However, lasting effects are decimating the industry, causing consumers to buy on unregulated. quality-control lacking black market.


2018 SF Mayor Election: Special election, field of eight candidates.


"Every citizen has the right, indeed an implied obligation, to question our government; there are elected officials who mislead us, obfuscate the reality of effectiveness of their programs, departments, and laws. Instead they criticize, berate, insult us. This is not how governance is supposed to work."


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