Richie Greenberg, political commentator and former candidate for San Francisco Mayor.

  Homelessness, Drug Addiction and corruption are destroying San Francisco. This is a tragedy, a crisis and an embarrassment.

I'm Richie Greenberg, and it has become abundantly clear that San Francisco's politicians and their absurd and detrimental policies regarding homelessness, drug addiction, mental illness, crime and drug dealers have pushed our city to the brink, gaining the attention of national media. We truly cannot reach any goal of meaningful change without the support of each and every one of you to reverse this tragic crisis.

Our citizens are awakening, realizing how we have suffered from literally decades of disastrous policies and bad city hall leadership. This must end.


  • Homelessness- 8,000 to 10,000
  • Drug addiction - Filthy streets and needles, drug dealers
  • Mental Illness- Living on street, crime, defecation
  • Lack of Political Will
  • Paralyzed Law Enforcement System
  • Lack of Voter Enthusiasm

We have work to do, San Francisco. Let's roll up our sleeves!

Richie Greenberg

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Richie Greenberg is a long-time San Francisco resident, business advisor, political commentator, guest newscast contributor and former candidate for mayor (June 2018). Richie entered the political arena in 2016, focusing on quality of life issues, government corruption, the homelessness crisis, crime, and public transportation issues. He has been featured in interviews with local and national media networks such as Fox News (Fox & Friends, Varney & Co., Maria Bartiromo), ABC, CBS SF local KPIX news, NBC, KRON4, SF Chronicle, the Examiner, New York Times, Epoch Times, Sputnik News, NTD TV, KFI John and Ken Show, KALW and KPOO radio, and more.



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Richie Greenberg with SF GOP delegates at an Election Day party June 2018



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